Thursday, March 21, 2013

Update on Application

   I found out the results to the Fancy Pants Design Team the day we were moving. I didn't make the team, and was pretty bummed by it. It seems like it's impossible to "break into" the business and get published when you have the same "famous" designers applying for multiple positions and getting them. Then, of course, I started questioning my designs and projects and whether or not my stuff is any good at all! I would really like feedback from these bigger companies. Even if it was constructive criticism, at least I would know what they were looking for in the end. From my experience thus far, the details for applying are very vague and I have no idea if my application even gets looked at since I am a "no name" applicant. :/ I was bummed all last weekend, but this week I am feeling better about it. I knew I didn't have much of a chance, but it's hard to be rejected multiple times. I need to remember that this is for fun and that as soon as I make it something I HAVE to do...I won't like it! So now I back to feeling creatively energized and ready to get my new crafting space in some sort of order!

   I finally whipped out my new fancy camera to take the pictures of my projects for this last application! I love this camera! It's big and bulky and hard to get use to (because I can't just whip it out quickly), but I love all the settings and the clarity of the pictures. Here are a few shots of the projects I submitted to Fancy Pants Designs (not all papers and embellishments were Fancy Pants papers...I'm a mix-n-match person!):
Wooden Display Stand I made for our engagement pictures using "Country Boutique" and "it's the little things" lines
Example page on the memory display stand using the "Park Bench" line

Another example page on the memory display stand using "The Good Life" line

Layout #1 using "it's the little things"  line
Close up of the title on Layout #1

Close up of small details on layout #1. These chipboard hearts are from Pink Paislee and were sprayed using Mister Huey's and October Afternoon spray inks (mixed to get the right color green to match)
Layout #2 using "Down By the Shore" line

Layout #2 glimpse of the inside of the Flipbook I made
Close up glance at the flipbook on layout #2

Embossed card I made using the "Country Boutique" line

A close up of the card detail and the inking on the flower (using "Bamboo" dye ink from Close to My Heart)

    I hope you enjoyed peeking at my most recent projects! If you have any questions on techniques or products used, please let me know! Until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!