Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy National Stamping Month!

   Holy cats....a month just flew by and I am exhausted! haha This little one is definitely the hardest "job" I've ever had, and has come with its challenges. However, I am loving my new role as a mom, and am absolutely in awe of this little person that stole my heart!

   With a new month, though, comes new steals, deals, and exciting news from CTMH! My newsletter went out last night, but here's the link for anyone that wants to catch up on all the details for this month:

Candid Correspondence: September Newsletter
   I am hoping to post some artwork this month and start to get back in the swing of things again! Thank you for being patient with me as I figure out my new normal each day! :) Have a wonderful rest of your week, and until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!