FAQs on Joining the Candid Crafters Team


     I joined the Close to My Heart family because I absolutely LOVE the products, was excited to be the first to know about CTMH exclusives, and of course to get my favorite items at a special membership discount!

    I never imagined I would be running a CTMH business and loving every second of it! However, I understand that not everyone wants to add "starting a business" to their daily schedule! But here's the awesome don't have to run a business to be a part of this amazing company!

    In addition, being a part of the Candid Crafters team is a blast! You get to join a group of ladies that enjoy and share the same passion you do for CTMH products, attend awesome group meetings, share ideas, see newly released products, and get to make amazing projects with other fantastic members!

    When you become a member you get an amazing Consultant kit with CTMH products in a beautiful box, idea books, starter supplies, and so much more! To get started your kit costs $75, but it contains $50 in credit that you can spend on what you WANT and customize your kit!! It's simple and easy to be a member now! Just sign up online and you're off enjoying all these wonderful member benefits yourself!

    This opportunity is an awesome one, and I want to answer any questions you may have about the company and being a CTMH member! Here are some extra details for you:
  • How much do I need to "sell" to be an active member? 
    •  The first quarter that you sign up as a member is ‘free’ (meaning you have no sales minimums to submit during that time). The next full quarter you are a member you only have a quarterly minimum of $300 to continue as an Active Member! Plus you earn 22% commission on that $300 in sales, so that averages to be less than $80 a month in sales if you spread it out over the course of the quarter! 
  • What’s the penalty if I cannot submit my sales minimums? 
    • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! You get to keep your entire consultant kit, and your commissions received during your time as a member without any penalty!  
  • Do consultants have to carry inventory?  
    • Nope! You can order what you want, when you want, and have how much you want with you at any time! You are not required to sell inventory on site, which I love, because I can choose how much or how little I'm purchasing depending on my budget that month!
  • If I become a member, can still attend Candid Crafter's Events? 
    • Of course! As a member of my team, you are always welcome to any creative events I host! Plus, you get to attend (either in person or online) exclusive team events for members only! So there are a lot of ways to get creative together!
  • Can I qualify for hostess rewards as a CTMH consultant? 
    • ABSOLUTELY!!! As a member, you are allowed to be the hostess of any parties or gatherings you hold (**A gathering does not have to be more than 1 person....if you place an order of $150 or more yourself, you can count it as a gathering and receive the hostess rewards at the same time!!**) In addition, you can receive FREE product credit for any sales over $150 as well! 
    • You can earn hostess rewards from orders placed online through your FREE Online Business site and through the consultant Order Entry system! So there are many opportunities to receive FREE products as a member! 
  • What if I don’t want to do parties and gatherings? 
    • Not a problem! CTMH recognizes that many of us want to join the company to receive the exclusive discount and free products on our purchases! Although parties, gatherings, and workshops are a good way to build a strong business and ensure sales, it is not mandatory to be a CTMH member.
  • If I buy the kit today, but do not want to submit sales actively, how long will I be a Member?
    • No matter when you sign up, you are automatically active for the rest of the current quarter plus the next quarter (any where from 4-6 months depending on the month you sign up). There are no obligations, and all the while you receive a 22% commission! Plus, keep in mind, as a member you will be one of the first to see the new products in the new Annual Idea Book and Seasonal Expressions books (a whole month before they are released to the public!!).
  • What if I want to make CTMH my business? Where do I start? Is there special training, help, resources, etc.?
    • Wonderful! There are amazing training videos, listening files, downloadable content, forms, lists, and classes all available exclusively to members! You can view it at your own pace, jump around to different topics, and only watch what you are interested in (if you want!). CTMH has an amazing online system that makes being a member very fun and easy! You will have access to all of this content immediately after your membership application is processed!  Plus you can always ask me and bounce ideas off of our CTMH team members!
  • I want to "hit the floor running" and start my business right away! Is there any incentive program during my first quarter as a member?
    • There is! It is called "Straight to the Top", and it is a sales goal incentive to any new member that wants to begin building their business during their first 90 days! There are 3 levels you can aim for while starting your CTMH business. Each level has exclusive rewards that you can earn once each goal is met. Plus, if you meet all 3 levels you get a bonus gift of a Large Organizer full of over $150 worth of product!!!
    • Plus you can receive Specific Product Credit (sell $300 in your first month, and you automatically receive $5 in SPC) SPC goes up with increasing sales, too! So the more you sell each month the higher your freebies acquired! SPC expires 1 year after it is received, so you have plenty of time to plan your SPC order, build up your SPC credit (it accumulates each month), and earn more free products of your choice!! CTMH is very generous to their members!
   Whatever your reason is for wanting to join this amazing company, Candid Crafters would love to make you a part of the team! Rediscover your creativity with my team today, and start earning your freebies immediately! Happy Crafting!

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