Saturday, October 13, 2012

Challenge Post #4: Vinyl

   As promised, I wanted to post a couple quick projects I have done recently using vinyl. Vinyl is WONDEFUL for home decor projects! I absolutely love it! Plus you can get it super cheap online and in many different colors! My go-to website for vinyl use to be Oh My Crafts, but lately they have had issues with their processing and shipping. So I might be looking else where next time I need it (which won't be for awhile...).

   These first few projects are all different photo and scrapbook albums that I decorated with vinyl to dress them up and personalize them!

This is an album I did using vinyl cut outs from my Cricut Expression. I used the "Accent Essentials" cartridge which has a nested circle design on it. I cut the circles in a 2-3 different sizes and two different colors. To get the border effect, I simply cut come of the circles and applied them about an inch to 1 1/2 in from the sides.
This album I made for an expecting friend. The giraffe and the borders matched a photo box I decorated to keep loose photos in of the baby. At the shower, we each decorated and signed a scrapbook page to start the scrapbook album for her! I used the "New Arrival" Cricut cartridge for the giraffe and the bow.

This album I made for my sister a few month back as part of her baby shower gift. I decorated the front and the spine of the album to match the invitations I sent out for the shower (also shown on the table). The same giraffe image was used as the previous one.
   I have a couple more albums I am working on for a couple other baby shower gifts. These ones I would like to try and use Mod Podge over the vinyl to keep the vinyl permanently adhered to the cover. I do not think it will show too much on the album, but it depends on the type of album used. All of the previous albums were leather finish, 3 ring albums.

   The next set of projects were ones I just completed for our wedding last month. These were little "treasure" boxes I made for the nieces and nephews that were in the wedding. They were filled with goodies and games for the kids to play with during the down times throughout the night. They were a huge hit!

These were the ring bearers "Pirate Chests" complete with the skull and cross bones! I used a simple black vinyl to cut out both the image and the names. I stuck the vinyl on there as best I could (the boxes are wood), then used Mod Podge Matte to seal the vinyl to the box.
A view of the top of the "Pirate Chests" with the boys' names sealed on top with Mod Podge!

The flower girls and junior bridesmaid received these cute little jewelry boxes. I decided to make them more personal by added pennant banners and each girl's initial on the top with vinyl. I sealed each of these with the Mod Podge Matte as well. It definitely helped with all the edges on the pennant flags.

A view of the top of one of the girl's jewelry box! These were so quick and easy, but really made it special for each kid! They loved them!
   My last project I am going to share is an etched mirror that I made for the families a couple Christmases ago. The funny thing is, I only got a couple done before we had to move a couple times. So I still owe a couple mirrors to a couple people (Sorry Zac and Nichole...I promise you will get it soon! haha)

   Etching mirrors is very tricky and it takes a little practice. I practiced on a couple small table mirrors I bought at the craft store first to make sure I was using enough etching cream and to get use to using the vinyl as a stencil. I will post a picture of my practice mirror once I find it in my mess of pictures!

   I definitely suggest using transfer tape on the vinyl before placing it on the mirror. It helps keep the vinyl straight and smooth. I also would suggest using some type of vinyl scrapper tool to smooth the vinyl down on the mirror and make sure all the edges are stuck down really well! I use Armour Etch etching cream for etching mirrors and glass. I will post a picture of the finished project tomorrow when I'm not so tired!

   I hope you are enjoying these little creative posts this week! Hopefully you are getting inspired to create your own projects! Like always, if you have any questions or need extra details on anything I posted, please leave me a comment below! Until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!