Friday, April 25, 2014

Rediscover Event: Minneapolis

   Yesterday I attended my very first CTMH event since becoming a consultant last fall! CTMH Corporate has been traveling to different parts of the US and Canada to hold regional events called "Rediscover" these last few months, and I was able to go to the one they held in Bloomington last night!

    I cannot even explain how excited I was to attend this event! I love this company, the products, and the team that I'm on. So I was excited to learn about more of the changes coming up, CTMH Convention this summer, and much more! Believe did not disappoint! What an amazing company!

    Monica Wihongi was our corporate representative, and she was fantastic! She shared so much with us (both personal and business), and was so approachable and sincere! It was really refreshing! 

Monica Wihongi-Vice President of Training, Events, and Consultant Services

    We talked about some of the changes that CTMH is making this year (new Idea Books this Fall!!!), retiring products, and new products! Plus we had a creative session where we had some hands-on experience with some awesome new products (more on this later)! Here are a couple things I can share with you from last night's presentation:

New Albums: 

     The new albums are being shipped as we speak! I was able to view and handle the D-ring albums last night at the event, and they are really nice! The fabric is beautiful and adds such a wonderful finishing touch! The D-ring albums should be available for order in the next 2 weeks, and the post bound albums should be available for order by the end of May! One of the reasons there is still a delay is that once corporate receives the albums they do a quality control check, manufacturing check, and overall "standards" check to make sure that the products we are buying are absolutely Close to My Heart quality products!

CTMH's Slate Circles D-ring album
CTMH's Cocoa Damask D-ring album

    The albums we have in the Idea Book now are officially retiring and are available while supplies last. The Black Faux Leather Album (Z1345) is officially sold out and so is the Work-in Progress Chocolate Album (Z1348). Currently we still have Faux Leather Albums in the following colors: Dark Chocolate (Z1342), Hollyhock (Z1344), Outdoor Denim (Z1346), and Dark Cranberry (Z1343). The main reason for retiring these albums is that we have more than a year worth of inventory in our warehouse of these albums. They have not been selling, and the quality has not been performing like CTMH would like. In order to continue to give you and me (our awesome customers) quality products, we needed to change the albums and release a better, higher quality album! So that is what's happening now! It's super exciting! I liked our Faux Leather Albums, but these newer albums are definitely a better quality album and very sturdy! I cannot wait to get my hands on one! 



    We are also in the process of retiring our Exclusive Inks: Alcohol Markers. The main reason for this change is the quality control of the markers. We have had manufacturing issues getting the markers to be the quality of marker that CTMH would stand behind as a core product. I love alcohol markers, but ours have not performed in quite the same way as we were hoping. So in order to better serve you and I, CTMH is going to be using a third party provider for our markers in the new Idea Book (releasing August 2014)! This was a hard choice because we no longer can "brand" the markers as ours, but, as Monica said, branding is not everything; making sure that CTMH customers get a quality product for their money is most important!

Creative Session:

    I absolutely LOVED our creative session last night! It gave me some amazing ideas for upcoming Workshop Wednesdays, and for new product use in the future! We were able to make a Base & Bling necklace of our choice (using the buffet style like I had at my Workshop at the beginning of the month!!), and we received an entire Hip Pics album kit to make a super cute summer album! 

    It's hard to tell from this picture (and I cannot show you the new product quite yet), but we received the following products during our creative session:

-Hip Pics Album
-True to Life stamp set
-Hello Summer stamp set (set to release in the Annual Idea Book 2014-2015)
-Pre-cut papers (including a new B&T paper called "Seaside" also releasing in the Annual Idea Book)
-Flamingo Dots
-Gold Polka Dot Washi Tape
-Best Day Assortment pack (from the My Crush Albums line)
-Base & Bling chain, pendant, charms, fashion sticker, and glass cover!

    It was SOO much fun, and I loved these cute and easy projects! May's Workshop Wednesday, on the 7th, is going to be utilizing this Hip Pics Album idea for our creative project! So stay tuned for some sneak peeks and additional details! 

    Did I mention that I attended this Regional Event for only $30!?!?! I received over $80 worth of products during the creative session, and that's without winning anything! They were also giving away exclusive stamp sets and one page exclusive layouts! I didn't win any of these, but it was so fun to be there and just participate in it all! :) Would you like to find out how you can attend one of these amazing events with me? Ask me how before the end of the month! 

Here's a picture of Monica and I in front of the Rediscover banner at the end of the night! She was so sweet and gave me the biggest hug like we had been friends forever! Such an amazing experience!

    I hope you all are having an amazing week, and I am looking forward to seeing those of you attending the "Scrap Your Stash" crop tomorrow! Enjoy this beautiful day, and until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!