Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Tidbit: Spring Cleaning Part I

   Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! It's a little cooler today than it has been this week, but it's still nice out! The sun in shining, and there are some definite signs of Spring quickly approaching! Have you been able to enjoy the gorgeous weather this week??

   Today's Tuesday Tidbit is about the "itch" we all get this time of year to start anew, freshen things up, and purge our belongings! At least this happens to me every Spring! I definitely get Spring fever and start planning new projects, organizing various sections of the house, and going through forgotten items!

   However, sometimes tackling a big project can be overwhelming and difficult to decide where to start! That's what I want to help with starting today! This "Spring Cleaning" series is all about going through your craft supplies, sorting your forgotten gems, and organizing for future use!

   Don't panic, though!!! Every major project takes baby steps to complete! So forget the excuses, throw out the "but but buts", and let's dive into those craft supplies to get organized this year!!!

   Everyone loves organizing things differently. So I know my system(s) won't always work for you, but crafters love learning how other crafters organize! I will share pictures of what works for me, and share ideas for what I have seen works for others! The main point is to help you get organized or to re-organize your stuff! Trust me....even I could go through my stuff again this year, and I just had a huge organization overhaul not too long ago!!!

How do I get started??

   This week all I want you to do is sit down for 15-20 minutes and make a plan! It's that easy! Every major project needs a plan or an end goal! Without that how do you know when you're finished??

   Everyone's plan will be different depending on your existing set-up, amount of supplies, etc. The big thing is what do you want to accomplish? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm your plan:

1.) Plan a craft space (this is the most involved plan....this would be for anyone that doesn't already have a designated space they use).

2.) Get rid of supplies I won't use or haven't used (come on, friends...have you had it for more than 3 years??? maybe it's time to donate).

3.) Make supplies more accessible

4.) Go through supplies to know what I have

   These are just some beginning ideas! You can make your plan as detailed or as vague as you want because half way through, you might need to re-work your plan anyway! That's okay, too! As long as you have an end goal in mind, this will be a fun experience for you! Besides it's always great to go through your stuff and see what all you have forgotten about (trust me we all do it)!!

This was my sketch of ideas when I was planning my craft space last summer! I listed items I wanted in my space, a couple ideas for set up using what I already had, and then looked at my sub-plans to figure out how to make it all work. My sub-plans included making my supplies more accessible, purging what I don't use, separating my CTMH stuff from my other crafty stuff, and putting the items I use the most in the most accessible areas.

  I hope this has motivated you this week to take a look at your organization plan for your craft supplies! Next week we will talk about how to dive into your plan and start organizing your supplies! I can't wait to see what all of you decide to work on during this series! Feel free to share in the comments! Until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!