Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Tidbit: Watercolor Effects

    Welcome to my first "Tuesday Tidbits" posting! Every Tuesday I will be posting a little tidbit to help you kick off your work week and get your creative juices flowing!

    This week I wanted to give you a technique tip on getting a watercolor effect using Close to My Heart inks! There are a couple different ways to achieve this look, but I am going to focus on my two favorites!

    The first is to use the CTMH Re-inkers and your spray pen! I used this technique on my Swap Cards at Convention this year! It's super easy and really fun to do! All you need is your favorite color from CTMH in a re-inker bottle form, a CTMH spray pen, a watercolor brush, and a cup or dish with water in it!


     You want to work on a non-porous surface (like a Splat Mat or Wax Paper sheet). Squeeze a couple drops of the re-inker on your mat. Spritz some water from your spray pen next to your color droplets. Mix the two with your watercolor brush and add to your project or card! I swiped my brush across my paper to create my own background pattern! I used 3 different colors and rinsed my brush in my water cup between color applications! Here is what one of my cards looked like when it was completed and embellished:

    The second technique I love to use for watercolor effect involves CTMH's Watercolor Pencils, CTMH's Archival Black ink, and a fine-point watercolor brush or water pen (like the old ones CTMH use to have)! This technique is fun and simple to do! Plus you get to color, and who doesn't love coloring!??!. Stamp your favorite image in CTMH's Archival Black ink. Color your image in using CTMH Watercolor Pencils (I never color the whole space in....I leave room to allow the water to spread the color out). Using a fine-point watercolor brush or pen, lightly add a little water to the colored areas to spread the color out. Any excess may be dabbed off with paper towel or a napkin. Let the image dry before adhering, cutting, or gluing!

    Here is the card I finished up last night using this fun technique:

    BONUS TIP: If you do not have a watercolor brush or pen for the second technique try this:   Spritz some water from your Spray pen on a non-porous surface. Dip your watercolor pencil in the water. Then color in your image a little bit at a time. Allow to the paper to dry between colorings otherwise it will tear. 

    Watercolor art and brush point font is really popular right now so why not try your hand at this fun technique! I hope this Tuesday Tidbit inspires you to get crafty this week! Have a Tuesday Tidbit you want to share or know more about? Leave me a comment and maybe your Tidbit will be featured soon! Until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!