Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Creative Challenge: January #2

   It's that time again!! CTMH released their second creative challenge yesterday on their Facebook and Instagram pages. They also released a creative Bingo board to help kick start your creativity this week!

   I love creative challenges! They help me get focused and give me a goal toward completion! That's why I highly encourage you to participate in these weekly challenges! Even if you don't share them with will at least help you make time getting crafty each week while also working on your own projects!

   Here is this week's CTMH post for the creative challenge:

This week, I asked our talented Marketing Manager, Carlie Robertson, to create a card to reflect the weather. Although we have been without snow lately in Utah, we are wishing for some white sometime soon! Carlie used “Flakey Friends” to create this adorable card. 

Your challenge is to create a card that reflects your weather and let us know what products you use. Post your creations to Instagram or Facebook by midnight on Friday and be sure to use the hashtag ‪#‎jrlcreativechallenge‬
Happy crafting! 

   Make sure and post your projects to CTMH's Facebook and/or Instagram pages with the hashtag #jrlcreativechallenge by Friday (1/23) for your chance to win another amazing prize! 

   Last week's winner won the "Charming Chevrons" stamp set for her interpretation of the layout challenge! So there are definitely awesome prizes to be had!

   The second creative challenge this week is CTMH's Bingo Board! I love playing creative Bingo! It's very inspiring, and makes you think outside the box! 

   Here’s how to play: Close your eyes and spin your finger around the board until you feel the draw to put it down. Open your eyes. Which box did your finger land on? Survey your position and then choose to follow either the vertical or horizontal row of the space you landed on. Now heed the guidelines of each box in the row and get crafting!

Bingo Board

   You can post your project(s) to CTMH's Facebook page if you feel like sharing, but this is just a bonus challenge. There are no prizes for participating in this one! It's simply to jump start your creativity this week!

   You can download your own Bingo Board to print at home and play along by clicking on the picture and downloading the document to your computer! Let me know if you have any issues with this, and I can always help you out and email you a copy instead!   

   I hope this has inspired you all to get crafty this week and start making some amazing artwork! Have fun with these challenges, and enjoy your week! Until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!