Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creative Adventure: Day 5

    Happy Thursday, everyone! I am dragging today! I think all this running around the last two months has me worn out! Plus my bed was feeling a little extra cozy this morning, and made it impossible to want to get up! Here I am, though, with another installment of my Creative Adventures this summer!

    Today I wanted to show off some Candid Crafters Team Members! These ladies are amazing women who have become good friends over the years, and also happen to be very talented paper crafters! So today I wanted to show off their artwork as well as some snapshots from a couple of our recent get togethers!

    First up are my good friends Shannon and Sophie! They joined my team in April because they loved all of the CTMH products and wanted to get discounts on their favorite items! Plus the Consultant Promotion we had in April was an amazing deal!

    I met Shannon through my husband, Ian. He worked with her husband, and found out that both of their wives loved scrapbooking. So they introduced us, and we became good friends!

    I met Sophie through Shannon (triangle after triangle)! Sophie was Shannon's daycare provider when her kiddos were younger, and they started hanging out and scrapbooking together for a girls' getaway! So when I met Shannon they invited me along to their crafty getaways, and we all became friends after that!

    I don't have any of these ladies' artwork to share today, but I have pictures from my last couple crop events where these two attended and stayed all day to play!

Croptoberfest: October 2013

Scrap Your Stash Event: April 2014
    The next team member is Jessica from Waukee, IA! I met Jessica when we both worked at Famous Dave's in Des Moines. She and I became friends pretty quickly, and then started getting together to scrapbook at my house every now and then! Jessica had a CTMH gathering at her house last year, and it went over so well that we decided to start a monthly club where I come down and do a project with the girls, and they get to see all the products and have a girl's night! It's been a ton of fun, and everyone looks forward to our workshops every other month!

    Jessica became a member of my team in April as well because she has fallin' in love with CTMH as much as I have! She has been working on a couple projects for other teachers in her school, and started using CTMH products to finish their albums and mini books! Here are a couple pictures of the most recent mini album Jessica made for a fellow teacher:

The front cover of the Baby Mini Album

The front side of the accordion mini album

The back side of the accordion mini album showing both covers

     Didn't she do an awesome job? I just love how cute it is! I'm sure the teacher she made it for was excited to receive it as a gift!

    Another member of my team is Ellie! Ellie lives right here in Hastings, MN, and signed up as a member in April, too! We met because a coworker and friend of Ellie's found my CTMH site online and asked if I could come do an album demonstration for a group of girls looking for new albums. That group of girls and I became good friends after that, and did some scrapping together a few times!

    Ellie use to be a Creative Memories Consultant, and decided to join the CTMH team in April with the great promotion and an anxious group of friends that were hoping for some "Ellie Workshops"! So she hit the floor running and has done awesome making her hobby into a little business! She is super talented, and I love seeing what she's creating week-to-week! Here are a few glimpses at some recent artwork by Ellie:

Upcoming Layout for a workshop she is doing
Cute little tag using the August SOTM: What a Hoot!
Timberline layout she did as a workshop a couple months ago
Beautiful card she taught at a card workshop she had a couple months ago!

    Isn't she inspiring?? I love watching her post artwork! She's been so fun to have on my team, and to meet up with around town for ideas and to share experiences!

    The last couple girls I do not have recent pictures of, but I can still tell you about them! Kim is my CTMH upline (meaning I signed up under her when I started)! She is also my cousin! Kim introduced me to CTMH a little over 3 years ago, and I haven't looked back since! I had the pleasure of having Kim in my wedding, and I get to return the favor this fall for her's! Remember my Timberline layout from May with pictures of a cute little guy? That's Kim's son, Landon! Here's a refresher:

    Isn't he a doll? He's gotten a lot more mobile these days, and I cannot wait to visit with them again when I'm down in southern WI!

    The other team member is Katie! Katie is a good friend of Ellie's, and they use to work together in Hastings. Katie moved to the St. Cloud area a couple years back, though, but every once in a while will come down to have a girl's crafty weekend with everyone! I met her at the last couple get togethers with Ellie and the girls, and her and I hit it off right away!

    Katie also signed up in April and has been loving CTMH since being introduced in January! I am looking forward to visiting with her again soon and seeing what she's been up to in the northern part of the state! :)

    So that's the team! It's a great group of girls, and we have a TON of fun when we get together for meetings, crafty weekends, and just girls nights! We had a couple team meetings together at the beginning of July, but of course I forgot to snap some pictures of our meetings! Yep me....the photo paparazzo.... forgot to take photos! Go figure, but I will definitely be taking some at the next couple get togethers!

    Looking for a good excuse to join us for girl's night and crafty weekends? You can be a member of my team, too! Plus who doesn't like their favorite products for a discount? You can find lots of information under my "Joining" tab above, or you can contact me anytime! We would love to have you join us as a friend and fellow crafter!

    Hope you enjoyed meeting the team! Stay tuned tomorrow for another edition of my summer Creative Adventures, and until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!