Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Tidbit: Picture My Life Storage

   I'm so sorry that last week's Tuesday Tidbit was never published! I thought I had this post all set up to go automatically while I was busy last week, but apparently something happened and it never posted! So I'm sorry you missed last week! 

    Then yesterday I had all intentions of getting this posted, but was traveling back to MN from being in Southern Wisconsin for the weekend! I'm back, though, with this week's Tuesday Tidbit for you! Enjoy!

    Woohoo! Tuesday Tidbit time (on a Wednesday)! This week I am SOO excited to bring you an organizing tip (or two) for your Picture My Life kits!

    I was struggling with my PML cards and getting them organized in a way that I could grab-n-go! The first thing I tried was an idea I saw from another consultant! I LOVE LOVE LOVE our medium organizers! These handy, stackable storage containers fit the PML cards perfectly! I removed one of the dividing tabs to open up a space for 4x6 cards. Then I filed my 3x4 cards toward the front. When I only had one kit this was difficult because the cards would fall and slide around when I was transporting them, but it was still a handy system!

    Then I ordered a couple more PML kits (who wouldn't??? They're amazing!). That helped fill out my 3x4 space of the organizer, but my 4x6 cards were still falling and sliding around. So then I got to can I create a system that is "filed away" so I know where each kit starts and ends, but also make it travel friendly so that my cards do not bend and jumble. I think I came up with an awesome solution!

As you can see the new Designer Creations bags, our punches, and our embellishment assortment packs (lower right compartment) also fit well in the medium organizer!

    Have you seen the new journaling boxes in the "My Creations" section of the Idea Book? These super cute boxes are made to fit cards, notecards, and PML kits easily, but also allow you to customize the outside and decorate it to your taste! 

   I bought a couple of these journaling boxes and put my PML cards from my "For Always" kit into one! I loved that ALL 122 cards fit in the box with room to spare! Plus, the box has a handy stair step insert that fits into the bottom and makes it easier to see both sizes of cards at one time!

     I left one of the dividers from the medium organizer out to create a space slightly bigger than 4x6. I then tried putting the whole journaling box in that spot! KAPOW!! It fits perfectly! So then I put my other kits in journaling boxes and started stacking those in my organizer! 

    I can fit 12 journaling boxes in 1 medium organizer! That's all but 1 of CTMH's PML kits! Amaze-sauce! It's super easy to transport, and I can pull whichever kit I want to use out without having to rummage through my whole stack! It's fantastic! Plus now I can decorate the outside of each box to match the kit inside, and I am going to label the top of each box with the kit name! So exciting!!!

Medium organizer with 5 journaling boxes full of 5 different PML kits! Plus I can still fit other 3x4 cards, punches, and embellishments in my organizer!

    I'm super excited for this new organizing system for all my PML kits! Are you ready to start organizing yours? Visit my online shop today to get all the supplies you need for under $30!

    Plus make sure you pick up your favorite PML kit because this month you can get a PML kit and any additional pack of 10 Memory Protectors for only $27.95!!!

    Let me know if you have any questions or need help getting your hands on these awesome products! Enjoy the rest of your week, and until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!