Friday, August 8, 2014

Creative Adventure: Day 6

    I hope you are enjoying this little mini series on my summer Creative Adventures! Today's Adventure comes to you from Okemos, MI where I attended "Consultant Camp" with my Northern Stars team members a couple weeks ago! I had a blast getting to know my team more, learning about the new products, getting new business ideas, and of course creating amazing projects!

    I have been so blessed to be able to connect with so many ladies on my CTMH journey! It is really amazing to meet so many people from all over the world with the same passion and interest that I have!

    I started driving to Michigan Thursday, July 24th, in the afternoon. I stopped by my parents' house in Janesville, WI as a mid-way point, but I wanted to get south of Chicago that night in order to make it in time for Leadership Day Friday morning! So I drove until 2:45am, and stopped in Michigan City, IN for a couple hours of sleep! Then I finished my 3 hour driving Friday morning to Okemos!

    I was a little sleepy, but really excited to be there! I was able to meet a few ladies at Convention in June, but I was looking forward to getting to know them better. Plus, I wanted to meet more ladies that perhaps weren't at Convention! It's so hard to sum up everything I learned and experienced, but I hope you can see how much fun I was having by my pictures from my Michigan weekend! Enjoy!

Everyone setting up for the weekend
Our amazing leader and event coordinator, Dana Swadling
Awards Ceremony! Lots of talented ladies on our team


Mini Extravaganza by other Team Members:

Heidi Witt demonstrated Scoreboard techniques

Tri-fold stand-up card by Heidi Witt
Judy Chie demonstrated Embossing techniques including Embossing on glitter paper!!

Judy even embossed right on our new Designer Creations bags! So clever!
Cynthia Lackey demonstrated the new ShinHan Touch Twin alcohol markers! For this card she clear embossed over the colored image to give it more depth and pop! Love it!

Table Decorating Contest: "Crimes of Passion"

    So the theme of this year's Consultant Camp was "Crimes of Passion". Each table had to come up with a skit/decorating idea for their table to try and win bragging rights! Our table went for a superhero theme where we solved the crime of "contraband" evidence showing up at CTMH events! Take a look at some pictures from the contest:

Superhero table complete with bribes: alcohol, and treats!
My table mate, Shannon Reed, who was "The Finisher"
Another table mate, Renee, who was "The Magenta Cricut"
Table mate, Lela, who was "The Dovetail Decorator"
Table mate, Barbra Otten, who was "The Washi Warrior"
Guest appearance by Chewbaca, aka Marilyn
Sarah Paige-Gruber was one of our judges and was not a fan of Chewbaca
Our 3 fearless judges taking bribes from the team: Dana Swadling, Victoria Fage, and Sarah Paige-Gruber
The last table of the night did a Columbo theme (which was amazing)!

Sarah Batkin's Extravaganza Revisted (from Convention 2014):

    Sarah came on Sunday afternoon to give us a special showing of her Extravaganza booth from Convention 2014! At Convention she presented Base & Bling projects which was perfect for her! Sarah is very much about details, sparkle, and bling! I loved seeing all of her awesome ideas! Here are just a few of her projects:

Operation Smile Silent Auction:

    Over the weekend we also had the opportunity to bid on artwork that other consultants made! All of the proceeds then went to Operation Smile! So it was an amazing way to wrap up our weekend and give back to others in need! Here are the artwork pieces you could bid on:

Creative Sessions:

    We also had time to be creative and work on projects that other consultants designed for us! I loved having all this extra artwork to take home with me! It definitely was inspiring! Take a look:

Victoria Fage: Scaredy Cat Layout pg 1
Scaredy Cat Layout pg 2
Sarah Paige-Gruber: Chalk It Up Layout pg 1
Chalk It Up Layout pg 2
Carolyn Johnston: Snowhaven Layout pg 1
Snowhaven Layout pg 2
Leslie Hegwood's "Cut Above Kits" artwork and displays

Barbra Otten's 15 card workshop buffet! Loved all her cards! This is just a sneak at a few that I first made!
This was card #1 that I made for a card swap I participated in! I used Chalk It Up, Wanderful, and the Brushed WOTG. The theme for the swap was "Cards that move" or "Cricut shaped cards". This was a Cricut shaped card!
This is the inside of Card #1. It holds a gift card when completed!
This is card #2 that I made for the swap! I used the Spinner cards from our product line as a "Card that moves". Then I used various stamps and a little bit of Snowhaven paper to add color!
We even had a photo booth set up where we could be "captured" in our "Crime of Passion"! It was a ton of fun, and we could win prizes if we participated! So why not, right?

    I had an amazing time in Okemos, MI that weekend, and really didn't want it to end! I could have stayed another day or two just to play and be creative with these ladies some more! It was very inspiring and had me thinking of lots of different workshops for this fall! I hope you enjoyed looking through my Creative Adventures in Michigan! Until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!