Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Tidbit: Crafter's Block

   Hey, everyone!! I hope all of the moms out there had a wonderful weekend being celebrated and cherished! You deserve it each and every day, but I hope your weekend was exceptionally special!

   I was able to spend my weekend with my mom doing some scrapbooking at my house here in MN. It was an awesome weekend, and we had a great time getting some paper therapy in every day! The time always goes too fast, though, when she's here!

   It's time for another Tuesday Tidbit already, and I have a quick tip to help any of you that have experienced Crafter's Block. You know what I mean, right?? You finally have time to get some crafting done, you start to get out some supplies, can't figure out where to start or you're just not feeling too creative all the sudden! Trust me...this happens to us all!

   So what do you do? Well one of my favorite things to do to get those creative juices flowing is to
"scraplift" a favorite project. This could be something you saw on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or even in an old magazine.  Wherever you find inspiration....that's where you start!

Pinterest is a great source to scraplift your favorite artists, and get creative ideas flowing! This is my CTMH Scrapbook Layouts board from my Pinterest page! I love all the amazing ideas I can find here!

   Sketches work great for this, too! Pick a sketch you like (even if it's one you have already used before), and just start "scraplifting" the idea(s). Pretty soon you'll find that you're modifying, making it your own, and starting to feel that creative mojo again!

   Some of my favorite books to grab for sketches are the CTMH How-to guides! These books are jam packed with sketches and ideas to get your projects going!

There are four How-to books for creating scrapbook layouts.

There are two How-to books for creating cards!

   It's a great way to jump start your creative time, and a fun way to start getting projects done! I hope you enjoyed this week's Tidbit, and until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!