Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Tidbit: Dry Embossing

    Woohooo for back-to-school! Believe it or's definitely that time of year already, but I don't think the kids should get all the fun new items to play with! So today's Tuesday Tidbit is about going back-to-basics with new CTMH tools and supplies for us....the adults!!!

    Introducing tool school! Today's tidbit is all about dry embossing techniques! So we're going to tool school with CTMH's brand new Scoreboard and embossing folders!


    First up is the awesome new Scoreboard! This handy tool is the perfect for all types of crafters! It's small enough to travel with, but allows you to still work with 12x12 pieces of paper by using the swing arm! This swing arm locks into place at a diagonal for storing and for doing fun embossed designs....which we'll explore in a minute.

    It even comes with it's own bone folder! The bone folder has it's own storage on the side of the Scoreboard so you'll never lose it! Plus it has a rounded end for scoring your paper! This means that it won't rip the paper, catch on the edges, or poke through your project! It really is very nice for all types of paper!

    Time for today's scoreboard lesson and show-and-tell! There are so many ways to add dimension and details to your projects with this fun new tool! Check out some examples from my team member, Heidi Witt:

The diagonal score lines are done with the swing arm locked in placed!
    Here are some cards Heidi made with these scoring techniques:

This card has a tri-fold on the side and scored lines along the flap.
This card has scored lines that have been sanded around the edge to form a frame on the front.
A tri-fold stand up card scored with the scoreboard.

    Here are a few cards that Barbra Otten did for our Consultant camp workshop using the Scoreboard:
We scored lines on the front of the card to add dimension and texture. You will get a chance to make this fall card at my upcoming September 10th workshop!
Here you can see a separate piece of cardstock was scored and added to the card when assembling. You will get a chance to make this fun card at my upcoming September 10th workshop!

     The next tool we are exploring today are CTMH's embossing folders! These awesome folders allow you to do the same dry embossing technique as the scoreboard, but with all types of patterns and designs!

    I love our embossing folders! They are a bigger size (5"x7") to allow for larger pieces of paper, and they have the slit in the top of the folder so you can slide a long piece through to produce continuous embossing designs! Here is a very helpful video full of tips that CTMH did about our embossing folders:

     I love how easy it is to add cute embossed designs to your projects! Here are a few projects that were made using the embossing folders:

Another Barbra Otten card using the vertical stripe embossing folder. You will get a chance to make a similar card at my upcoming September 10th workshop!
This technique is really popular right now. You piece your card together by gluing down the shapes or strips of paper (like on this card) before running it through your embossing machine. Then once you emboss it everything is embossed together! This is called embedded embossing, and is super cute! I'm sorry I don't know which one of my team members made this card from Consultant camp, but I love all the details that pop when the embedded embossing was used!
Another Barbra Otten card using the quatrefoil folder on a small piece of cardstock. You will get a chance to make this cute card at my upcoming September 10th workshop!
Remember my foxy card from February? I used the quatrefoil folder to add dimension to the front of my card, too!
This card we made at one of my card workshops as a bonus card! We used both the dot and chevron folders, sanded the pattern to expose the white core of the cardstock, and adhere them to make a card! This card was designed with inspiration from Dana Kessler!

    One last little tip I have for you when using a brand new embossing folder is this: the edges of the embossing folder design are going to be sharp until you use it for the first time. My little tip is to place a piece of wax paper or some scrap paper from your stash on the positive side of the folder (the side that sticks out) to help cushion some of the "bite" that you can get from a new folder. This will help prevent tearing and ripping those first couple of times you use it!

    I hope you all enjoyed attending tool school today! If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them! Oh...and don't forget your homework......take some time to play with dry embossing this week! Class dismissed! Until next time:

Here's to life, love, and creativity!